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​​​​About Us

CECIL LMS (a.k.a. CSL, short for Computer Supported Learning) is The University of Auckland's learning management system, developed by the best students within the University. These students excel in acquiring the necessary skills to work productively and cohesively within a team environment. They collaborate closely with senior staff members within the academic departments, and many of the IT groups responsible for its systems, in order to maintain and extend "CECIL's edge".
In 1995 The University of Auckland Business School launched CECIL LMS with students enrolled in February 1996, and it's The First Web-based LMS in the world. CECIL LMS contains many of the features of similar systems such as Sakai Project and BlackBoard. Cecil also provides interactive tools for collaboration and other tools specific to the University. CECIL LMS is currently operated by the Academic and Collaborative Technologies Group, IT Services.