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This Research area contains papers that have been completed on Computer Supported Learning (CSL) by people from The University of Auckland and abroad.

  • Cecil: The first Web-Based LMS
  • Detecting Cheaters using a Learning Management System
  • A Case Study of Web-based information Systems Development
  • A Framework andLightweight Protocol for Multimedia Network Management
  • An analysis of WWW-based Information Systems
  • CSL - A Knowledge Management Tool for Life
  • CSL - Distance Learning for the Future
  • Increasing Teaching Productivity with EuropeMMM
  • Life Long Learning and The Internet: A New Zealand Perspective
  • Representing a Body of Knowledge for Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Using the Internet to Support Learning: Implications for Administration, Assessment and Instruction
  • Using the Internet to Teach Information System Case Studies
  • Using the Internet to Teach Software Engineering
  • On Line Course Surveys: Do Incentives Work?
  • The evolution of an LMS: Cecil fifteen years on
  • CECIL: Learning Odyssey


Please contact us to obtain a copy of the research paper.