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November 13
Course Access Authoriser List

Process Background and Info

From 2011, each Faculty, School or Department (area) has nominated an authoriser, who would act as a gatekeeper and provide the information on whether to grant or deny access to courses within their area. This applies to all courses that are created on Student Services Online.
Each Faculty does it slightly differently, so the list is for you to look up who you may need to contact to get access to a course as a staff member.

If you'd like a "dummy" or "ad hoc" course to be created for you and get access to those, this can simply be requested by any staff directly to Staff Service Centre. You won't need to go through the authorisers of the area, given it is not an official course.
Note: Other than the nominated authorisers, request can also be made by the relevant HoD/HoS, deputy HoD/HoS and similar positions.

Other - no specific Faculties/Departments

Academic Integrity Course (ACADINT.A01) - email​ for access

ARTS - by Department

Anthropology (ANTHRO, WOMEN, SOCSCIPH, MUSEUMS) - Faith Cu and Christopher Struthers
Applied Language Studies and Linguistics (ACADENG,ENGWRIT,LANGTCHG, LINGUIST) - Alison Salmon, Susanne Gomes and Dale Larwood
Art History (ARTHIST) - Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem
ARTSGEN (subject) - ARTSGEN.92F is looked after by Tertiary Foundation Certificate and History department. Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem
Asian Studies (ASIAN, CHINESE, JAPANESE, KOREAN) - Alison Salmon, Susanne Gomes and Dale Larwood
Classics and Ancient History (ANCHIST, CLASSICS, GREEK, LATIN) Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem
Development Studies (DEVELOP)Faith Cu and Christopher Struthers
English (ENGLISH, DRAMA, CREWRIT) Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem​
European Languages and Literatures (COMPLIT, EUROPEAN,FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, LATINAM, RUSSIAN, SPANISH,TRANSLAT) - Alison Salmon, Susanne Gomes and Dale Larwood
Film, Television and Media Studies (FTVMS, SCREEN) Faith Cu and Christopher Struthers​
History (HISTORY, ARTSGEN.92F) - Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem
Maori Studies (MAORI) - Mere Gillman and Rangimarei Rawiri
Pacific Studies (COOKIS, PACIFIC,SAMOAN,TONGAN) - Mere Gillman and Rangimarei Rawiri
Philosophy (PHIL, LOGICOMP) Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem
Political Studies & Public Policy (POLITICS, POLICY) - Adam White
Sociology (CRIM, SOCIOL, SOCSCRES) - Suzanne Powell and Viola Laban
Theology (BSTHEO, CTHTHEO, PTHEO, THEOLOGY) Lloma Yong, Nicole Wallace, Adrianna Yiu, Nazhat Saleem​​

B&E - by Department

Accounting & Finance (ACCTG, FINANCE)- Judy Carneiro, Herena Newall, Heather Armstrong
Commercial Law (COMLAW)- Georgina Poloa-Tilialo, Myriam Benito, Heather Armstrong
NOTE: PG COMLAW 700 level courses except the Dissertation/Thesis based, ie. 788+​, Faculty of Law authorisers can approve access to those
Economics (ECON, POLICY.702, BUSADMIN.767&777 )Janet D'Souza, Carol Blackler, Heather Armstrong

Marketing (MKTG) - Christina Huang, Heather Armstrong
Management and International Business (BUSINESS, INTBUS, MGMT, INNOVENT) - Kirsty Ellinor (while Joanna is on leave from 18th Feb 2016), Joanna Grabowski, Heather Armstrong

Information Systems and Operations Management (INFOSYS, INFOMGMT, OPSMGT)- Jo Lee, Susan Sum, Heather Armstrong

Property (PROPERTY) - Noreen Garrad, Myriam Benito, Heather Armstrong​
Graduate School of Management (BUSADMIN, HRMGMT, INTBUS, MANAGEMT, MAORIDEV, BUSMGT, BUSACT, BUSINT, BUSMKT) - Alison Craig, Molly Freeman, Linda d'Mello, Nino Murjikneli​ (BUSACT, BUSMGT, BUSINT, BUSMKT only).
Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (COMENT) - Maria Aquino 

Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Subjects: ACADPRAC - Zoe Pollard

Tertiary Foundation Certificate

New Start Programme (Subjects: NSGEN, NSBUS, NSTARTS, NSMAT) - Eija Saffioti-Linden, Maria Meredith and Stephanie Wyatt
HISTORY.91F, HISTORY.92F, MATHS.91F, MATHS.92F, MATHS.93F, MATHS.94F, PHYSICS.91F, PHYSICS.92F - Gill Stringer and Stephanie Wyatt
EDFOUND - Gill Stringer


Te Puna Wānanga- Prasuna Kumar & Donna Ross

All Others (Faculty Admin, ​Curriculum and Pedagogy, Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, Critical Studies in Education -
Keran Pocklington, Christine Whyte


All engineering courses - Cathrine Taylor and Samantha Lafaialii
Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME) - (CHEMMAT, also ENGGEN.601) - Cecilia Lourdes and Lynne Carter
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) - (CIVILENVENG, ENGGEN.115, ENGGEN.403 and GENED.101G, DISMGT) - Jenny Bramley and Pervin Suntoke
Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering - (COMPSYS, ELECTENG, SOFTENG) - Aruna Sundar-Lal and Tama Ngahere
Engineering Science (BIOMENG, ENERGY, ENGSCI, GEOTHERM, ENGGEN.140, ENGGEN.150, ENGGEN.131, BIOENG) - Barbara-Ann Bradley and Karrie Blennerhassett
Mechanical Engineering - (MECHENG, ENGGEN.100,  ENGGEN.115, ENGGEN.121, ENGGEN.204, ENGGEN.303, ENGGEN.403, ENGGEN.765A, ENGGEN.765B, ENGGEN.770, ENGGEN.771 and GENED.101) - Anna Gorbunova and Jessie Mathew
Various ENGGEN courses:
No Authorisers specified - 199, 299, 499, 602, 796A, 796B
TBA - 701
Mehdi Shahbazpour, David Walker - 705 
TBA - 766, 766A 766B, 791A (also Shane Xie), 791B, 791X, 793A, 793B, 793X
Golbon Zakeri - 798A, 798B, 798X, 798Y

UG law courses start with LAW, LAWHONS, LAWCOMM4XX, LAWENVIR4XX, LAWGENRL4XX, LAWPUBL4XX - Sarah-Jane Crewther, Ada Marama, Sandra Shaw, Louise Allan
PG COMLAW 700 level courses except the Dissertation/Thesis based, ie. 788+
PG Research - LAW 788, 790, 790X, 790Y, 794A, 794B, 795, 795A, 795B, 796A, 796B, 796X, 796Y, 797A, 797B, 797X, 797Y, 798A, 798B, 799A, 799B- Suranjika Tittawella, Christine Calvelo, Angela Vaai 

NICAI - by School
School of MUSIC - (MUS, MUSIC, SOUND) - Charlotte Francis​

Elam School of Fine Art - (FINEARTS) - Lizzie Luamanu (from 17th April 2015),
Annabel Gane (Visual Arts in MIT, ie. subject code: ​​(VISARTS)
School of Architecture and Planning - (ARCHDES, ARCHDRC, ARCHGEN, ARCHHTC, ARCHPRM*, ARCHTECH, PLANNING, URBDES, UrbPlan) - Kelly Dustin, Fiti Iosefa–Solia, *ARCHPRM done by Caroline Dustin
Dance Programme - (DANCE) - Lizzie Luamanu

SCIENCE - By School

All​ - Jai Desikan

School of Biological Sciences (SBS) - (BIOINF, BIOSCI, BIOSEC, BTECH, SCIENT, not BIOMED - falls under FMHS) - Karen Jennings
Psychology - (PSYCH, SPCHSCI) - Karen Jennings, Viveca Dourado
Leigh - (MARINE) - Arthur Cozens
Computer Science - (BTECH, COMPSCI) - Suzanne Skelly
Maths - (MATHS, MATHSED) - Suzanne Skelly
Statistics - (STATS) - Suzanne Skelly
Sports Science - (SPORTSCI) - Suzanne Skelly

Physics - (GEOPHYS, PHYSICS) - Min-Young Lee

MEDICINE & HEALTH SCIENCES - by School/Department

Optometry and Vision Science
​OPTOM​ All - Alison Richardson
UG: Sarah Dayal
NURSING 104, 105, 199, 201,202,301,302
PG: Lee-Anne Govender, Robyn Auld (n. Poole)
NURSING 701, 730, 730A, 732, 733, 738, 745, 746, 735, 737, 740, 741, 742, 742, 743, 744, 770-778, 781, 782, 783, 784, 785, 788, 790A, 790B, 795A, 795B, 796B, 797A, 797B
POPLHLTH 746, 749
POPLPRAC 725, 726, 727, 728, 756, 760, 761

Medicine - Natasha Tinkler
OBSTGYN 705,712,713,715,716,717,717A,717B,720,721,722,723, 724,725
MEDSCI All (Except 313, 730 and 731 - these are under School of Medical Sciences)
PAEDS 601A,601B,704 ,712, 714, 719, 720, 721
OPHTHAL 701,702,703,704,705
PSYCHIAT 713, 740, 741, 746, 747, 760, 761, 762, 766, 767, 768, 768A, 768B, 769, 770, 771, 772

Population Health - 
Sharon Walker
MAORIHTH 301, 7xx
PAEDS 712, 714, 719, 720, 722
POPLPRAC 701, 702, 707, 708A, 708B, 709, 710, 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 715A, 715A, 715B, 716, 717, 718, 719, 720, 721, 722, 723, 724, 731, 736, 737, 738, 739, 740, 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746, 747A, 747B, 750, 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 757, 760, 763A, 763B, 765, 767

Audiology (AUDIOL) - Sharon Walker

Pharmacy (PHARMCY)
- Kathryn Siow

Foundation Programme (MAORIHTH) - Wayne McEnteer
MAORIHTH 10H, 11H, 11HA, 11HB, 12H, 13H, 14H, 15H, 16H, 17H, 17HA, 17HB, 18H, 19H, 20H, 21H, 22H, 23H, 24H, 25H, 26H, 27H, 28H, 29H, 30H, 31H
Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CLINED courses) - Marcus Henning, Jennifer Weller, Natasha Tinkler

School of Medical Sciences (MBCHB Year 2 and 3 courses; BIOMED– Roger Booth, Kathryn Siow

MBCHB Year 4, 5, 6 - Kimberley Weston
DIETETIC, MEDIMAGE, CLINIMAG, MEDSCI 313, 730, 731 - Kathryn Siow
November 05
​Release Notes for Cecil Web Interface: 2014 November Patch

There is a patch release for Cecil Web Interface that will be released on 5th November 2014.

The release contains the following changes:

Changes/ Enhancements

1. CWI Intro page update. This is the page you see on the RHS after you have logged in. 

Help text change update to reflect the changes to support and Staff Service Centre. Also added 2 links for students on that page for SSO and Student Webmail.

New text:

“Click on Help link Help from any Cecil function and it will take you to the online help pages.

Cecil Support

Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm 

For Staff:

Please contact Staff Service Centre via

For Students:

Help Request:”

2. Stream List on Student View (where students see the membership list) - update to only show Display name in Cecil, if no Display name then show full name.

3. Add the old format Final Grade Marks report back onto the list as an option for people to select. It is now called “Final Grade Marks (plain)” as an option for those who prefers the older format of the report.

4. Add time stamps to announcements to provide more information to teaching staff

5. Discussion forum for students – on the list of the threads, the “Poster” column currently shows “Full name (Display name)” for both staff and students. Change to only show Display name for students. All other parts of discussion posts shows Display names to students, so this change is to keep our interface consistent. 

Staff will still see “Full name (Display name)”, no changes for staff.

Bug fixes 

1. Final Grade Marks Report - column heading and data mismatching for Final Mark and Final Grade columns.
Fix: Swap the content around so we have Final Mark first and then Final Grades to be consistent with other places. 


2. Excel version related issue when one tries to import from an Excel file. – This is for individual assessment where the mark import cannot accept .xls format, need to be .xlsx. 
Fix: Making the mark import to accept both .xls and .xlsx


3. Sorting of AUID is not sorted as numbers across various grids in CWI: Stream membership adding screen; Class List; Mark List; Final Grade list 

AUID seemed to be sorted as text not numbers prior to the fix, which was only obvious when there is a 9 digit ID start with 1 as those gets listed before the 7 digit ID.
Fix: Fix the sorting, so it will sort ID numbers as numbers and the 9 digit ID should come after 7 digit IDs.

4. Excel Mark import screen: During the Mark import, student name column on the wizard shows a lot of null when the imported Excel list has a preferred name column.
Fix: Updated the logics behind the import.

 5. Print button doesn't appear to do anything for the Individual assessment mark grid on Gradebook. 
Fix: Fix the print button, so it will print like the Print button for Final grade grid


6.  [Chrome only] - Create Assessment Group on main Cecil web interface doesn't work. Previous workaround was to go through Gradebook to create assessment group in Chrome
Fix: Make Create Assessment Group work on the main web interface, so there is no need for workarounds for Chrome users.

April 14
IT security advisory: HeartBleed bug

There have been a number of media reports in the last two days regarding the HeartBleed bug. Here’s what you need to know.

Why is it a problem?

The bug creates an opening in encryption technology called SSL/TLS. This technology is used by various types of software to encrypt messages that are sent to and from websites. Not all the software that utilises SSL/TLS has been affected, only the one called OpenSSL. Unfortunately, OpenSSL is commonly used by organisations across the world, which means that the impact of this vulnerability is being felt globally. The bug means that it is possible to spy on internet traffic, which in turn means that passwords and other traffic that should be encrypted (such as your internet banking transactions) are vulnerable. 

What is the impact on the University?

To the best of our knowledge, no sensitive University information (including passwords) has been disclosed as a result of this bug. 

The University’s ITS team have assembled a Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). The CSIRT is overseeing the technical response to this incident, which includes ensuring that the vulnerable servers have the necessary fix applied. 

What do you need to do?

ITS operational security recommends that you reset your passwords on any external sites in the next few days. You should also clear the cache on your web browsers, including session cookies. 

If you would like further information, please visit the following websites:

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner:


For users of Google Chrome who want to check whether the website they are visiting is vulnerable:

Or ClickStudent communication 14_04_2014.pdfStudent communication 14_04_2014.pdf to download a copy of this notice as a PDF document.

November 19
Course Reusability for Cecil LMS

Hi all,

We’ve recently implemented a new patch which allows you to reuse your previous course structure from a course with the same course code IE. Infosys 110. This should save a lot of time for courses that have set up intricate course pages and site designs.

How does it work? In short, all structure and settings should be brought through, however all contents (such as resources, announcement posts, discussion posts etc.) will not be brought through.

If you would like to use a template from a different course code you can do this by emailing with your source and destination course instances IE. Infosys.110.C.S2.2013 to Infosys.110.C.S1.2014

For more information you can watch the Course Reusability video in our Video Library.

Alternatively you can look through the FAQ List.

Kind regards,

The Cecil team
October 02
Cecil Explorer Retirement and FAQs


We have been working towards retiring Cecil Explorer for a while and the progress has been slow. Given that Cecil Explorer was one of our first system for staff, it has lots of rich features that are still used by many.

We have not had a fully trained Delphi developer who can look after Cecil Explorer for over 5 years.

Each year, we make some efforts in encouraging users to use the web version and the number of users slowly declines.

While it is still running, it poses risks  if anything breaks, no one can fix it. It has come to a point we have to put an end date closer.

We start from communicating with our users about the retirement. Each of the CE user group, mainly final grades and CE tests have received the first round of target communication, offering training workshops and for tests, also test migration assistance.

Communications so far in 2013 and 2014

User meeting - mid-July (City)/early Aug (Tamaki) 13

Update email to all - mid Sept 13

Target emails to CE Final Grade users - late Sept 13

Target email to CE Test users - late Sept 13

Target email to CE Test users - late Dec 13 / early 14

Follow up emails to CE users - throughout 2014

Target email to CE users - early Aug 14

Target email to CE users on CE retirement by end of 2014 - late Aug 14

Reminder emails to CE users on CE Retirement and Test bank migration - throughout Aug - Dec 14

Q & As

We will keep updating this list of Q&As s we get them from end users​, hopefully you can find the answers you need here.

(Added in 2015) Q: What do I do if I need support on using Cecil Web Interface now that CE is retired?

A: Contact Staff Service Centra via:​, you can look up answers from there or submit a request or find the contact phone number and email of the Staff Service Centre from there.

Q: What is Cecil Explorer and how does it affect me if I don't know what it is?

A: In short, if you don't know what Cecil Explorer is and isn't using it, this does not affect you at all!

Cecil Explorer is our first system for Staff, started from 1995 and evolved over time until our last Delphi developer left, also we had limited changes to it after we moved the staff interface to the web in 2005. Staff access Cecil Explorer from Citrix via a web browser.

Q: When will we turn off Cecil Explorer? (Or "please don't turn it off before the end of 2013" from our users)

Updated Answer: (2014-Aug)

As Cecil Explorer is running on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported by Microsoft by July 2015 and most of our servers running Cecil related services and applications are on Windows Server 2003. So we are in the process of upgrading them. We prefer to have all our services and applications off Windows Server 2003 well before then to reduce any risks.

As the result of that, we now are aiming to retire CE by the end of 2014

(2013-Oct) There is no set date for now, as we cannot determine a feasible timeframe /dates for us to turn off Cecil Explorer without working with our current users and getting more feedback from them.

Q: What about Online or Offline Tests

(Updated: 2014-Aug)  A: Online or offline tests can be done using Questionmark. We have been working with courses currently have tests using Cecil Explorer on training workshops and migration assistance. Most of the migrations are well underway.

Q: What about the Final Grade Reports?

(Updated: 2014-Aug) A: Cecil Web Interface has all the final grade reports needed. We have added the Final Grade Summary and Final Grade Graph reports in Excel format onto the web. This was released in early July 2014.

Note: Any other questions about CE retirement, please use the comment to add them and we will update it.

September 19
Archiving file resources from older courses


Cecil started back in 1995 and has been storing all the files that has been uploaded onto any courses in our database (DB) since then. Even if you've "deleted" them from Cecil, they remain in the database, just unassociated to the courses.

In the past few years, as the file sizes get bigger and bigger, our database has grown too big and exceeding the recommended size of a database. As the file resources takes up a lot of the storage space, we are going to start archiving the files from the older courses from 1995 and work our way back to the more recent years.

It will take us some time to catch up to the more recent years, as the archiving will run in the background slowly, so we don't impact on the day to day use of the system.

Q & As

Q: Will all past courses have all their files archived?

A: We will keep the current year courses and 5 years prior to that, so for example in 2013, we will keep 2013 and 2012, 11, 10, 2009 and 2008 courses not archived. In 2014, files in 2008 courses then will get archived

Q: How do you know if the files in your older courses had been archived?

A: 1) by checking the progress on our blog to see which year we are up to now; 2) When you view a file in an older course, you'd see a note saying the file has been archived.

Q: How do you get the file back if you really needed it?

A: When you view a file in an older course, you'd see a note saying the file has been archived. It has a string of odd looking characters, email that to Cecil Service Desk ( to ask for it to be restored. Then you can find it back in where you've found it in Cecil.

Q: Will the archive process update anything on the file resources in other year?


Q: Will the archive process update the visibility dates of resources?

No. It would not affect the visibility dates for those resources being archived for the year or any other years.

Q: If I go back to a past course, which had been archived already and I upload a new file. Will that get archived in the subsequent year?

No.​ The archive process happens once a year and it'd only look at the targetted year. It would not go back to the past years to archive any additional resources uploaded after the archive done for those years.

Q: Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Cecil Service Desk, or leave us a comment in the blog and we can add the question back to the blog post itself.



Starting from 21/22 September from 1995 courses go up to 1998  and see how long that takes us. Then we can work out how long it'd take us to get up to archiving all of 2007 and older courses.

Watch this space! :-)

July 29
Cecil User Meeting 2013 July

Thanks to those who had come to the user meeting this morning.

Here's the PowerPoint I've used with some annotation of what I've planned to say (maybe not always be exactly what I say though!)

Cecil User Meeting_2013-07.pptxCecil User Meeting_2013-07.pptx

Here's the list of Q and A's with some updates after the meeting, for things we need to check after the meeting:

Cecil User Meeting 2013 July - Q and A.docxCecil User Meeting 2013 July - Q and A.docx

Here's the links to the Lecture Recording for the meeting:

Streaming of the recording:

Download Links:

- Low Quality Download:

- Full Frame Download:

- Audio Download:

- High Quality Download:

July 15
CWI Gradebook Patch 2

​This is an update to the previous blog post on the CWI Gradebook Release and Gradebook Patch update:

After the mid-April release and early June Patch on the CWI Gradebook, we have continued to work on refining the Gradebook.

In the mid-July Patch release, the following has been updated:

  • ENTER key to go to next student (based on feedback received)
  • Changed comment/feedback fields (with limitations of ENTER key won't give  you a line break; due to the desire of using ENTER key to move to the next student)
  • Updated Grade Scale display (so the range of each scale is clearer to users)
  • fixed Mark entry errors (reported from the mid-April release - a tough one to resolve)
  • fixed Mark change errors (reported from the June patch release)
  • Paging changes, which should resolve some of hte odd nagivation/scrolling related quirks.
  • Updated Assessment group totals for best x out of n on the student view (previously still gave a total without the best x out of, causing confusions amongst some students)

  • [In the April release] Able to specify activity time by typing in a value (only available on Gradebook -> New Activity or Edit existing Activity)

May 29
Updates on the Gradebook Patch
This post communicates progress on the updates to Gradebook in Cecil.
Over the past few weeks the team has been working on issues related to a third party ‘grid’ (spreadsheet) we use in the Gradebook released in mid-April.  While progress has been slowed by unexpected staff changes and illness, we will continue to work with the vendor on a release before the final grading period begins in mid-June.  However, it is quite likely that this work will not be completed until 2nd semester (when completed, that work will allow the use of the ENTER key to move the cursor properly to the mark on the next row; and resolve the issue for those currently gets "unexpected errors" while entering marks).
In the interim we do not want to delay the release of other fixes, and so will be scheduling an update patch in the next week or so. This release will include:
  • The sorting of the Mark list will now default to Surname, First names
  • Numerical Graphs on the Statistic Reports will now be correctly rounded
  • Hiding the pop-up status update messages for saving marks on the marks grid
  • Pressing up or down arrow on the marks field will not update (increase or decrease) the marks
  • The correction of Resources file names containing non-alpha-numeric characters, allowing proper downloads in the Chrome browser
Please note we are continuing to operate with very limited staff, and apologise for any inconvenience this slow-down might cause.  We will keep the community updated on our progress in a timely manner. 


Cecil Team




Email Communication on 19th April 2013 to all Cecil staff:

Dear Staff member,
On Friday 12th April,  ACT released new changes and features for the Gradebook on Cecil Web Interface (CWI).  These modifications were necessary to resolve compatibility issues with rapidly changing browser environments, but also included improvements such as:
·              Export mark list includes email address (for both Marks and Final Grades) - so you can easily email students based on marks
·              Export Assessment group marks from the web
·              Being able to sort the mark grids by clicking on the column headings
·              Easy one search box to look up students - type in either their name, AUID, UPI or parts of it
·              Assessment Statistic Report for both staff and students
Based on initial feedback , we have noted two areas of change that we are working to resolve:
1.       Entering marks online:  Pressing the down arrow key now increments the mark, rather than jumping to the next student row.   
(Temporary Workaround:   Export to Excel, enter marks, then import marks back. )
2.       Sorting is by UPI:  student marks for assessments are now ordered by UPI instead of Names. 
(Temporary Workaround:  Click on the name column to sort by name.)
We apologise for any inconvenience, and will schedule to correct these two features before the final grade round in June. We will update the notices on the login page when a release date has been finalised.
Please feel free to contact Cecil Service Desk or myself if you have any other queries regarding this release.
January 18
Update to the new version of Cecil LMS

On Thursday 13th December a new patch was released for the new Version of Cecil LMS. ( The main focus of this was to make the default template easier to use for new users creating their courses.
The list of changes include:
  • A new Calendar form for adding events which hides the advanced functions until prompted.
  • Added a Home button on the left hand side menu.
  • The Resources web part on the home page will now show the latest resources first.
  • The Announcements web part on the home page will now show the latest announcement first.
  • There is now a count of the number of students in the Class List.
  • There is now a count of the number of staff in the staff list.
  • The expiry date on the Announcements list has been removed.
Please note that changing of default views and adding a home button will only appear on newly provisioned courses and will not be retrospectively enabled as this might over-ride legitimate changes that staff have made to their courses.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with lots of teaching and learning.
All the best,
The Cecil Team


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