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How to create a new alert for all students within a course.

Alerts are useful to keep students up to date with new information or documents that has been added/uploaded to the course site. Each List or Library has the option to set an alert. It is advisable that staff only set alerts for students at the list/library level rather than on a specific item as students will then receive alerts for the whole list or library rather than only changes to the specific. 
  1. ​Go to the list or library that you want to set the alert​ on. (For the purposes of this guide a Library will be used). 

  2. From the Library tools.png select the LIBRARY Ribbon

  3. Select Alert Me.png and then Set an alert on this library.png

  4. Remove your name from the "Send Alert To Users" text box. 

  5. Click on the directory button Directory.png and enter the course details which you can find in the URL for your course into the search bar in the following format: 
     /DEMO.001/K.D.2014/ enter as DEMO.001.K.D.2014. 

  6. Select the student group for the course student.png 

  7. Click on Add and then Ok

  8. Then set the alert settings as you require (e.g New items are added; Anything changes; Send notification immediately). 

  9. Click OK.png

How to Download Multiple Resources

1. Click the tickbox next to the Resources you wish to download.
2. In the Ribbon under Documents Documents Ribbon.png Click Download as Zip Download as Zip.png
3. A pop up box should appear towards the bottom of your browser. Click Save to save the Zip file to your computer. Save.png
4. Go to the area on your computer which you saved the file (This usually defaults to "Downloads").
5. Right click the file, under winzip click extract to ... and choose a destination.
Note: If you do not have Winzip you can download it Here.

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